Dr Judy received her formal education at Colorado State University, including a bachelor’s degree in Zoology, followed by her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988. After practicing in Idaho and Utah, she returned to Colorado in 2001 and purchased a conventional clinic, which she transformed into an integrative medicine practice. She sold this practice in 2015, and after a welcomed break, she resumed practicing on a smaller scale and now uses telemedicine to help pets around the world.

Using the knowledge gained in her 35 years of practice experience, Dr. Judy has developed a unique, whole-body approach to healing that supports the inherent ability of the body to remain healthy. She considers all of the pet’s life circumstances and then supports the innate healing ability of the body with species-appropriate nutrition, whole-food supplementation, detoxification, and eliminating the underlying causes of disease.

She does not believe in a magic-bullet approach, whether an herb or a pharmaceutical. The body is a biological system that needs support in many different areas to achieve optimal health. She believes that health is the body’s natural state, and her goal is to help her patients regain optimal health and live long and vibrant lives.

Through her interest in specific treatment modalities, such as ozone and mistletoe, Dr Judy began attracting cancer patients looking for alternatives to conventional treatments. This is now one of her specialties, and she continues searching for new ways to treat and prevent cancer in pets.

In May of 2023, Dr Judy and her husband, Chris, relocated from Colorado to Tennessee to begin their dream of starting a rural homestead. In a sense, this was a return to their roots as both were raised in rural settings and never felt that the city was a good fit. She has found that spending time working on the land and caring for her animals is equally as rewarding as it is challenging.

Her newest sidekick is Max, a German Shepard puppy that never ceases to elicit a smile from humans, even if he is being a bit naughty. She enjoys the new challenge of puppy training and building a relationship with an awesome breed.

You can find more about Dr. Judy at her website, https://ahavet.com/.

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