Lost Pet Assistance

If your pet is lost, we’re here to help. We keep our Facebook page open for just this type of thing. Feel free to post information about your pet directly on our Facebook page. Print out flyers and we’ll post them in the window and on our doors.  And, if you call us at the store, we’ll even send out a push notification on our app so everyone will be watching out for your pet.

We encourage anyone who loses a pet to check out the following shelters in person – right away!   Colorado law only requires shelters to keep found pets 5 days so time is of the essence.  Often, found pets don’t end up on their websites and you will never know if they’re there, unless you are!

Denver Animal Shelter

Denver Dumb Friends League

Foothills Animal Shelter

Max Fund

Don’t forget to post your lost pet on Craigslist and look for “found pets” on the same website.

It’s also worth checking with local vets to see if anyone has brought your pet in.

Finally, if you’re not familiar with Nextdoor, it’s worth joining this social networking site for your neighborhood.  We are members of the Berkeley neighborhood Nextdoor and keep an eye out for any lost and found pets we see on there.


Barker's Dozen

Once you buy 12 of anything, you’ll receive the 13th one free! No, you don’t have to do craft projects and cut UPC codes out or save a stack of your receipts. Just carry our convenient little punch card in your wallet and we’ll punch it for you every time you purchase. When you get to your 13th bag, you just need to pay the tax and walk out with free product! We’ll even start you out with another punch card so your wallet won’t feel so empty.


Happiness Guarantee

Guess what you won’t see at our register or on your receipt?  A strict, bloviated return policy.  We actually, don’t even have one to print.

If you or your pet isn’t absolutely thrilled with something you purchased from us, please bring it back and let us help you find something else – even if you’ve opened the food/treats/supplements!  You don’t need to talk to a manager or wait for an owner to call you back because we’ve empowered every single employee to make you happy.

Even if your dog chewed up something you don’t think should have been destroyed…

Even if your cat liked the first half of the bag and is now on a hunger strike…

Even if your husband thought the coat was too girly….

No receipt necessary. No questions asked. Yep – we just want you to be happy. Period.


Nutrition Counseling

Gosh, there are so many pet foods out there and it’s hard to figure out what direction to go in. We would love to help you navigate your options! Let us know what you’ve tried, what issues your pet might have, what type of food you’re comfortable feeding and what your budget is. We won’t judge or stick our noses up at you. We’ll just point you in a different direction and teach you how to make the switch if you decide to do so. If it doesn’t work (your dog’s digestive system isn’t thrilled, your cat won’t eat it, your vet disapproves… ),bring it back and we’ll switch it out until it’s a perfect fit. All of the pet foods we carry have manufacturer guarantees. The food that didn’t work is donated to a shelter or rescue group, the manufacturer credits us and we make it right with you. Win, win, win.



We’re a local, independently operated pet store with dedicated, long-term employees. We just don’t have the heart to ask our staff to come in early or stay late like the corporate, big box stores do.

If our store hours don’t jive with your schedule, don’t worry! We offer free next-day delivery on weekdays within a 5-mile radius. Just give us a quick call (720-855-7505) or send us an email at mouthfulsorder@gmail.com and we’ll have it on your doorstep tomorrow.

If you’re desperate and need it today, we’ll happily call in an on-call staff member for an additional $5.00. We can’t let our four-legged kiddos go hungry, now can we?


Local Commitment

At Mouthfuls Pet Store, we have a strong commitment to our community. We regularly donate to a wide range of local causes and carry more locally-owned and/or manufactured products than any other pet supply store in Colorado.

We employ numerous long-term employees, contribute to an untold number of ancillary jobs and businesses and keep our money in our local community instead of sending it out of state to corporate headquarters.

When our community succeeds, we all succeed.


Teeth Cleaning

Does your pet need a dental? Many of our customers prefer to utilize our non-anesthetic version instead of sedating their pet at the vet’s office. We bring a team of techs along with a licensed Veterinarian into our store every 6 weeks or so to clean teeth without anesthesia! This procedure usually takes about a half-hour and your pet doesn’t spend the rest of the day recovering from anesthesia. Your pet will have their teeth scraped & polished in the lap of a certified tech under the watchful eye of a veterinarian. If antibiotics are necessary – they are included in the price. Feel free to stop in during one of our clinics to peek into the back room and see how relaxed the dogs and cats are. Give us a call at the shop to schedule your pet’s dental. (720-855-7505)


Food Demos

We actively encourage our food companies to send their reps into our store with coupons and samples. After all – who doesn’t like coupons and free products? Download our app or check our facebook page to keep track of upcoming demos so you can save money on your pet’s food!


Curbside Service

If you’ve got two or four-legged babies in your car and don’t want to bring them in, just call our store (720-855-7505) and we’ll run out front or back (pull up to the gate off the alley if our lot is full) and give us a quick call. We’ll gladly bring you what you need curbside! No stressing allowed.


North Denver Pet Resources


Highlands Animal Clinic 3727 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

Lakeside Animal Hospital 4243 Harlan St., Wheat Ridge, CO

Holistic Care for Animals 4355 Gray Street, Wheat Ridge, CO

Bellevue Animal Clinic 200 W. Lehow Ave., Englewood, CO

Urban Vet Care 2815 Clay Street, Denver, CO (303)477-1984

Clear Creek Animal Hospital 4980 Kipling Street, Wheat Ridge, CO (303) 424-1314

Dr. Judy Jasek, holistic vet offering online telemedicine services


Alternative Therapies

Harper’s Ridge Animal Chiropractic Care

Unleashed Energy (Bio-resonance therapy)

Shelters / Adoptions

Angels with Paws (cats)
2540 Youngfield St., Lakewood (303)274-2264

Denver Animal Shelter
1241 W. Bayaud Ave., Denver, CO (720)913-1311

Foothills Animal Shelter
580 McIntyre Street, Golden, CO (303)278-7575

Max Fund
1025 Galapago Street, Denver, CO (303)595-4917

Denver Dumb Friends League
2080 S. Quebec St. , Denver, CO 80231  (303) 751-5772

Pet Finder

All Breed Rescue Network

Dog Washes & Groomers

Wesco Grooming

Dog Parks / Walks

Dog Parks in Denver

Berkeley Dog Park

Other Denver Parks

Crown Hill

Cherry Creek Dog Park

Dog Training

Bark Busters

Dog Walkers

Animal Party, Inc.

Out you Go!

Doggy Daycare / Overnights

Animal Party, Inc.

Beds n Biscuits

Paradise 4 Paws (DIA)

Sniff Shack

U Lucky Dog


End of Life

At Home Euthanasia

A Peaceful Passage – Dr. Christine Daigler
303-948-1540 / www.apeacefulpassage.com

Beside Still Water – Dr. Ann Brandenburg-Schroeder
303-237-0817 / www.BesideStillWater.net


PCS – Pet Cremation Services
303-403-1647 / www.petcremationservices.com

Pet Loss Support / Support Group & Informational Articles

Denver Pet Loss Support / Human Animal Bond Trust